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It’s about creating the best and most innovative cell tower solutions to get our customers On air. On time. 

The demand for cell towers has increased over the last decade and is steadily climbing. We (along with our towers) stand ready to help wireless providers keep up with demand and achieve their new site deployment needs through build-to-suit, strategic site development, tower leasing and acquisitions. 

Our vast knowledge of the tower development process is evident in how we approach every project. We listen first in order to accurately help you evaluate your options and choose the solution that is going to work best for your business. We will then put our local and national operating partners to work, leveraging our strategic vendor relationships to get the project off the ground. TowerCom understands the importance of speed to market and demonstrates some of the best turnaround times in the industry


about towercom

We are resourceful problem solvers with proven industry experience. For over 25 years TowerCom has built or acquired quality sites for clients, big and small. We are committed to bringing you timely and inventive turnkey solutions with a customer-first approach. All of our towers are built with ease of co-location in mind. No application fees, no hidden mandates, fair lease terms and swift processing times.

Our veteran management team has experience in all phases of tower infrastructure development, deployment and management. Throughout our tenure, we have built relationships with all major carriers, both national and regional, and our nationwide operating partners work closely with our development partners to get our wireless customers on air, on time.

Our Happy Customers

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Battleground, Built to Suit – Greensboro, NC

The site was sought after by at least two wireless carriers over a couple years unsuccessfully.  There are multiple carrier retail stores in the immediate vicinity that did not have good coverage.  The setting is in one of Greensboro’s urban core high traffic and high density commercial areas consisting many small commercial lots flanked by dense residential. The surrounding sites were at capacity.  Our client had exhausted the ring twice over a 2-year period before awarding to us…